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Short Stories:

Adelaide Magazine recently published Times Being What They Are, a quiet story about a reluctant bank manager.

You can listen to and read my story Pink Boxes on the The Other Stories podcast.

My horror story about a ballerina, La Voshnikaya, appears in SQ MAG’s September 2016 edition.



Margaret Dashwood’s father died soon after completing his life’s work, an atlas he painstakingly enchanted for his youngest daughter. Margaret discovers her father’s gift and embarks on an adventure that takes her far from England. Soon she and her new friend, Mrs. Bristlethwaite, a prominent member of the Devonshire Coven, learn that magical objects have begun disappearing from sites around the world. Seeking to prevent further thefts, Margaret and the Coven face unexpected dangers and a surprisingly devious enemy.

Set in Jane Austen’s England several years after the events of Sense and Sensibility, Margaret Dashwood and the Enchanted Atlas is the second book of the Regency Magic Series, whimsical tales of magic and manners published by Luminous Creatures Press.

The last Bennet daughter remaining at Longbourn, Mary leads a quiet life in Hertfordshire, where gossip about the intriguing new vicar provides the only entertainment. Having developed a taste for novels, Mary lives vicarious adventures through their heroines. But when a mysterious book arrives addressed to her, she embarks on a magical and thrilling adventure of her own. In London she meets Mr. Hartbustle, a charming old bookseller, who invites her to a meeting of the famed Bloomsbury Coven. There she learns about their dreadful enemy, known only as the Glastonbury Sorcerer, who has stolen a very powerful book of spells. Before long Mary finds herself at the center of a deadly war between light and dark forces.

Set in Jane Austen’s England a year after the events of Pride and Prejudice, Mary Bennet and the Bloomsbury Coven is the first book of the Regency Magic Series, whimsical tales of magic and manners published by Luminous Creatures Press.

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  1. My Dear Beth,
    I read your blog this morning in anticipation of your trip tomorrow. You are really a very diverse personality! I often wonder what combination of genes from your father and me created you. I must admit your achievements are mind-boggling! I hope you post comments and photos of your vacation.
    I am very proud of you and the way you live your life. I think you have your priorities in great order as evidenced by your comments.

    I love you,

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