There is a possibility that Dave and I got scammed today.  We pulled into a Shell Station in Wells, Nevada to take care of important road trip business.  As Dave was pumping gas, a guy from the tire store attached to the gas station approached the car and examined our tires.  He looked very serious.  Then he told Dave that the right front tire was pretty close to blowing out.  Being more afraid of blowing a tire than being scammed, we let them put the car up on the fancy car lifting thing to take a closer look.  That, naturally, led to us spending a shit load of money to replace all four tires.

We both had to admit as we drove away from Wells that the ride seemed much smoother. So, despite assurances from our trusted mechanic Scott that our tires would survive the trip to Denver, we chose to believe we were not scammed.  I’m pretty okay with that choice.  I mean, the nice men in Wells saved me the trouble of getting new tires later in the summer, which I knew I would probably have to do.  And I can feel relatively safe on the rest of the drive.

Of course, that’s not the only that thing that happened today.  We also found a Whole Foods in Salt Lake City (which actually has three Whole Foods), so we felt much better about our food situation.  On the way here we saw the Bonneville salt flats, which are seriously cool.  On the way back we’ll stop and get out since we’ll have more time going that direction.  At least we should have more time because we already have new tires. (I’m knocking on wood to make sure that nothing else happens). And we passed the Great Salt Lake, which is really big.  And blue.  And, I imagine, salty.

Tonight we’re staying outside Salt Lake City proper, so there will be no trips to see the Mormon Mother Ship, but I’m not broken hearted about that.  Both Dave and I have already seen it and I doubt that Ralphie cares (although who knows what appealing scents may surround the Mother Ship).  But we did get to wander around and get some much-needed exercise this evening.  There’s a nice little man-made lake near the hotel that we walked around after dinner.  I’m pretty sure that there are pelicans living in that lake.  I like pelicans.

I’m hoping to get to sleep earlier tonight.  I had some trouble last night because the room was so noisy–between the air conditioner, the refrigerator, and, I swear, the guy snoring in the room next door, I stood no chance.  So, once again, Dave saved the day with his Android.  He downloaded some white noise–ocean sounds–to play so that I could sleep. The man deserves a medal because he handles every situation with such ease.  We’re lost in the woods?  No problem!  I’ve got Google Maps!  My wife can’t sleep because of all the noise?  No problem!  I’ve got Google Play!

Tomorrow we head for Green River, Utah where we plan to have a picnic and take a hike in the woods.  With the Android, of course.